WELCOME (English)


You can find here a lot of interesting films.

We only include in the blog films that we have watched, because I think is not fair to recommend a film you haven´t watched.

Just after the title you will find some asterisks (**..). That is our punctuation to the film. So it is just our personal opinion about the movie, which is subjective, of course. For example, if you see one film with only one *, perhaps you will find a little boring film, or maybe it has some big mistakes, which make a low quality film.

You will find also, some films with six ******, that is at the moment the higher punctuation we give. This film would be a film with all components to be a great film. Four **** would be also a good punctuation, it would be an interesting movie, in a different ways: entertaining, funny or deep with a good plot, etc.

However, all the films we include on the blog are interesting for any reason, even if it is only for a short scene or some good dialogues.

We think if you really like cinema, you should give an opportunity to each film. In the end, maybe you will get surprise. Or maybe not, who knows? 😉